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A Day at the Fair

Well you can skip the ballgame and just take us to the fair, preferably with a wad of cash!  HOLY MAMMA!! I took Isabella to a local fair this weekend, we had a blast I will give you that.  She … Continue reading

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Tattoo Artist

Isabella has become obsessed with stickers, to the point where she demands them.  If there aren’t any stickers to be had she throws a fit. I know I shouldn’t allow this behaviour, but she’s so darn cute.  So one day she … Continue reading

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Caught in the summer rush

I was kindly reminded by a friend yesterday that I hadn’t posted in a while.  Here is the exact quote “I check your blog everyday and nothing new has been posted since Mother’s Day – what’s with that, huh?!?”   So … Continue reading

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Time flies

It is nearly the end of the month and I just realized I haven’t posted very much.  Truth is, it’s been a fairly calm month so far.  Nothing has really jumped out where I wanted to tell the world.  Isabella … Continue reading

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Doin’ the “Donald” (hairstyle that is)

My mom always jokes that I brush Isabella’s hair like a comb over.  I’ll admit, it’s the easiest way to keep her fine hair down.  She has a wicked cow lick a the back and I can’t quite find the direction … Continue reading

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The hunt is on

For a job that is!  I know that this city is a difficult place to find a job in right now, but I didn’t realize it that it would be THAT difficult.  Most of the jobs that I would more than likely get are … Continue reading

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