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I’m ready…I’m ready….I’m ready…no I’m not.

5 more days until the start of school for both myself and Isabella.  I still need to finish up my lesson plans and get assignments together, powerpoints updated, papers copied, class lists printed, binders set up, and course outlines uploaded.  … Continue reading

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Soapy Nuts

Well I washed all of Isabella’s diapers today using the soap nuts.  What can I say besides OH EEM GEE!  Seriously! The inserts to the diapers were starting to get a stink to them and I was having a hard … Continue reading

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Nuts to all!

  So I purchased some nuts online.   Not just any type of nuts, SOAP nuts.  Actually they aren’t nuts at all but a type of berry that has soap type property in it to make it sudsy and help clean.  They … Continue reading

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Caught in the summer rush

I was kindly reminded by a friend yesterday that I hadn’t posted in a while.  Here is the exact quote “I check your blog everyday and nothing new has been posted since Mother’s Day – what’s with that, huh?!?”   So … Continue reading

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Bunnies, rain, tumbles and words

The weather here in Ontario has been less than favourable.  It has been cold and rainy, windy and cold, miserable and cold, some sun but cold.  Oh we had a warm spell that lasted about a day and a half … Continue reading

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The package from the Yukon

FINALLY it has arrived!!  After 3 flipping weeks in the mail, the hoodie I ordered for Isabella from Kara’s Etsy site has arrived. Kara from Faro Yukon has a blog site called The Adventures of Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan … Continue reading

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Shopping in my city

Since returning back to Windsor, I’ve found a few stores that I love browsing in.   I usually stop in once a week or every two weeks to see if they have anything new and exciting in.  At times, yes I … Continue reading

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