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Soapy Nuts

Well I washed all of Isabella’s diapers today using the soap nuts.  What can I say besides OH EEM GEE!  Seriously! The inserts to the diapers were starting to get a stink to them and I was having a hard … Continue reading

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Caught in the summer rush

I was kindly reminded by a friend yesterday that I hadn’t posted in a while.  Here is the exact quote “I check your blog everyday and nothing new has been posted since Mother’s Day – what’s with that, huh?!?”   So … Continue reading

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Bunnies, rain, tumbles and words

The weather here in Ontario has been less than favourable.  It has been cold and rainy, windy and cold, miserable and cold, some sun but cold.  Oh we had a warm spell that lasted about a day and a half … Continue reading

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Can I get a do over?

I try to be the best mom as I can to Isabella.  I try to make sure that she drinks good organic milk.  Eats organic foods as often as possible.  I diaper her bum in cloth.  I breastfed. I babywear as … Continue reading

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Shopping in my city

Since returning back to Windsor, I’ve found a few stores that I love browsing in.   I usually stop in once a week or every two weeks to see if they have anything new and exciting in.  At times, yes I … Continue reading

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Baby’s bum

I started to use cloth diapers when Isabella was about 5 months old, and to be honest I’ll never go back to disposable.  I wanted to do cloth from the first day but was talked out of it.  Than after … Continue reading

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