Caught in the summer rush

I was kindly reminded by a friend yesterday that I hadn’t posted in a while.  Here is the exact quote “I check your blog everyday and nothing new has been posted since Mother’s Day – what’s with that, huh?!?”   So I thought I better get off my butt and write a little ditty.

Things have been fairly busy around the household and beyond. I have been trying to finish my course for Medical Transcription so I can continue with the other classes.  Distance learning isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, I realize I am on of those persons that needs to be in a classroom setting.  But I don’t have a choice in the  matter because the certificate isn’t offered at my local college.

Speaking of local college, I will be there come September teaching 5 courses.  I will be known as a sessional instruction and work 3 days a week at 15 hours.  I’m so excited I can hardly wait!!  I know it’s not a lot of hours but I’m ok with that right now, because I’m not ready to leave Isabella full-time yet.  I know it’s me and not her for the most part, since she has a fit and then she pretty much stops crying before I leave the driveway.  I have to let go and set her free *sigh* I mean she IS 18 months now, time to fly little birdie.  Fly and go play with other little birdies.

Now that I will be teaching, I have to make up the lesson plans, mid terms and final exams for these classes.  Fortunately I come from a family of teachers and a friend of mine works at a college up in Toronto who can help me if need be.  But I pretty much have the hang of it.  So I attempt to get some work done at least every other day.

I will be enrolling Isabella into Montessori School come September for 2 half days.  I feel that she might get a little more out of the deal than going to a regular daycare right now.  Even though it is only for the two half days, the school provides us with information on how to continue the teachings at home.  Isabella will only be 3 when she starts JK, almost a year younger than all the other kids in her class so I want to somehow give her a little help.  If she likes going to school, I’ll add one more half day for now and if she REALLY likes it than I’ll see about putting her in for a few full days as long as I can afford it.

I think I’m more excited about being able to buy her “school” clothes 🙂  I just recently bought her a new backpack from Coco Baby Boutique.  I saw a similar backpack here in Windsor at Shopeco but unfortunately they no longer had any new ones and I didn’t want the one they had.  So I went on the internet hunt and found that Coco Baby had them on sale.  And I mean an AWESOME sale.  I bought Isabella a Dabbawalla neoprene backpack.  The one with the single flower on it.  I should have also bought her the little lunch bag but I didn’t think of it until after the fact.  The bags are adorable and hopefully she’ll be one of the few that has one at the school.

As for her lunch bag, which she doesn’t need yet, I found this site called “Childish”  seriously how cute are those lunch boxes??  I know they are a wee bit expensive, but hey, she is my only child ;).

After going with out all my cloth diapers for nearly a month and a half, I finally got all the replacements from Cotton Babies and 3 new diapers with inserts as a compensation for all the shipping I’ve had to pay to send back the defects.  Although I wasn’t happy that I had to return all the 3.0’s for replacement, I am happy with the customer service and the fact they did try to help me with the cost of shipping.  I’ll take the 3 extra diaper thank you :).  So during that time I would use my cloth until I ran out and had to wash and then slap a ‘sposie on her (disposable).  I found the best ones to be Earth’s Best and the great part is that they were on a serious clear out at the store.  They are chlorine free, latex free and use reusable resources for the absorbent part of the diaper.  I figure if I had to use ‘sposies then I wanted to make as little of an environmental and health impact as possible.

The weather has been amazing here lately too, sunshine, hot, blue skies.  So I try to get outside as much as possible with Isabella.  She has a great climber in the backyard, plus a ride along car, water/sand table and anything else she manages to drag outside.  My mom bought her a slip and slide and I bought her a little blow up pool for the days I don’t feel like bringing her in the big pool next door.   The other day we had a little art time outside where I let her fingerpaint in the backyard.  She managed to make 4 masterpieces that I gave to various family members and the neighbour.  I of course kept one for her safe keeping box.

My little water baby, has been enjoying the hot weather in the sun (slathered with sunscreen of course).  I got her “Puddle Jumpers” (ignore the contest) to wear in the big pool.  I am not one for waterwings (the plastic ones) because they can easily slip off.  But the Puddle Jumpers goes around the waist like a life jacket and has the floats on the arms.  If you are looking for these, I found mine at Canadian Tire for 20.00.  We very well might use them again today since it’s suppose to be over 30C with the humidex.

I’m slowly getting back to being my old self again, and hopefully soon I’ll start going out a bit more now that Isabella will go to sleep for my mom.  I went out the other night and had a blast.  As much as I love my kid, mommy needs some fun too.   Today, however will be a hang and fold the laundry, clean the basement, and play outside with Isabella type of day.  That is after her nap… cranky little monster she can be!

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This is my "start over" blog. I had moved to the Netherlands for 2.5 years and found that it wasn't for me. I guess I'm too much of a Canadian at heart. So now I'm here in Canada with my toddler daughter who was actually born in NL. My dog is with my dad enjoying the good life and I am here trying to start over and get my life back.
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