Bunnies, rain, tumbles and words

The weather here in Ontario has been less than favourable.  It has been cold and rainy, windy and cold, miserable and cold, some sun but cold.  Oh we had a warm spell that lasted about a day and a half but now it’s cold again.  The only good thing is that my container of belongings finally arrived (after 4 freaking months) and I was able to go through Isabella’s clothes.  The kid has so many warm winter things that fit her now, it may not be a bad thing that the weather is still a bit nippy out.  Granted the kid also has a ton of clothes that will get her through until NEXT winter as long as she doesn’t have a massive growth spurt.  She’s fitting into some 18 month things but mainly she’s into a 24 month or 2T depending on the make.  Hopefully she’ll stay in a 24 month or 2T for a while.  I can’t really see her spurting up to a 3 before the year’s out.

I’ve been keeping busy these past few weeks.  Besides the little trip to Toronto to visit with some friends and attend the One of a Kind Show; we went to a small craft show at the local community centre and I managed to find some very cute Easter presents for my mom, aunt and soon to be sister-in-law.  Of course they were from Isabella, I just paid.  We also are taking gymnastics at the community center every Saturday.  When I mean gymnastics I mean 30 minutes of running around the gym climbing up and down the mats and 15 minutes of playing with the parachute at the end and singing songs.  Isabella LOVES it.  I think it’s great that for the 28 bucks it cost me to take her 5 minutes away once a week so she can run and play … it’s worth it.  Oh and the programme is for 10 weeks!   She’s also so ready for a nap by the time we get home there is no fight from her.  She is the youngest in the class, so she doesn’t get what most of the other kids are doing, but she picks up pretty quickly and copies them.

This was the first time for Easter where I could attempt to hide eggs for Isabella.  I thought that she might be too young for it but she caught on as soon as she saw the first plastic egg filled with goldfish crackers sitting on the stair.  I bought her an Elmo basket and she had no problems scooping out the room to locate the other eggs.  I think next year the Easter Bunny is going to have to make it a bit harder for her ;).

It was decided that for Easter we would go  to the Fogolar Furlan and have a great Easter Brunch with the family.  It was nice for all of us to be together, especially with my grandmother in a nursing home, it seems that she doesn’t get outside as much anymore.  Isabella was on her best behaviour up until the end, but really who can blame her for getting a bit cranky?  We were there for a few hours and she was tired and needed a nap.  But she did get to play with everyone and of course show off like she always does when there’s an audience.  Her new word is “Hi!”  yes I know, it’s a word that most kids say right off but Isabella decided that she would say “What is this?”  and “There it is”  before going for the simple things like mamma and dadda.

Isabella was of course spoiled rotten by friends and family for Easter, toys, chocolate, clothes.  She received a beautiful plush bunny and chocolates from Daddy who had it delivered to the house.  She didn’t want to touch it at first and gave me her big eyes and say “Oooohhhh”.   Isabella also got 3 very loud and very adorable toys!  One is a duck that sings, but when you tickle it under the wings it starts to laugh, the next is a chicken that sings until you pick it up by the neck than it squawks and lastly Elmo dressed up in a chicken costume singing the chicken dance.  Of course she love each one and has to constantly press the button, over and over again until mommy suddenly hides them and says they are sleeping.

On a different note that doesn’t include chocolate, bunnies or loud toys, Isabella and I took part in the Great Cloth Diaper Change.  It was an attempt to have the most cloth diapers changed at one time.  It was a hoot watching all the little babies and toddler play at Sweetheart Diapers  where the event was being hosted in Windsor.  The change was also to raise awareness of the importance of using a product that doesn’t take 500 years to breakdown in our landfills.  Also there was a donation fee to go towards The Real Diaper Association.      It was fun and hopefully we had a world record!

I was also able to get out with friends recently too, something that should happen more often but of course doesn’t.  My friend Melissa and I took the kids to Monkeytown for a playdate.  They had a great time and of course my drama queen of a girl had to make a scene when it was time to leave.   This is where I’m having a debate about trying to put her into daycare for even just 2 half days so she can play with other kids.  There are some kids that are friends that are her age but we don’t see them often enough.  Gymnastics is good too but she’s just too busy running back and forth.  I would love to put her in, but of course I need a job!  THAT is a whole other story!!!

“We don’t need no education!!!”  Well ya, actually we do.  So that’s why I have gone back to take classes via distance education.  I enrolled back with George Brown and I am going to take the Medical Transcription course.  I already have 2 courses that I’m hoping and praying I can be exempted from.  If not I’ll be a bit peeved since the price of courses has sky rocketed in the last few years.  Really?  329.00 for a grammar course???  Each class averages over 300.00.  I think it is ridiculous and to be honest those sitting in Parliament arguing over where to plant the next tree (no offence to certain person(s) ) should really take a look how much post secondary is costing people.  University tuition is going up again 4% .  Soon not even the “rich” ones will be able to afford to go to school.

On that note:  It is now time for me to turn in.  We are going to the U.S of A tomorrow… sorry had to do that.  We are going to the States tomorrow  for just a few hours.  I want to go to Target and pick up some sunscreen for Isabella.  Granted with this weather we very well might not need it.  Oh and for those in Holland laughing at me… just you wait.  When it is 80F and sunny for 3 months while you get rained on for 2… just you wait!  Mother Nature did however give us a pretty present today…

About Melissa

This is my "start over" blog. I had moved to the Netherlands for 2.5 years and found that it wasn't for me. I guess I'm too much of a Canadian at heart. So now I'm here in Canada with my toddler daughter who was actually born in NL. My dog is with my dad enjoying the good life and I am here trying to start over and get my life back.
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